"Self Imposed Deadlines are the Death of your Creativity" -Serah (A Mother, Singer-Songwriter, Poet, Dancer, Sewing & Crochet Pattern Designer, & Bookkeeper).


Do you always feel behind and stretched beyond your capacity?

 That used to be me (and still is at times). I was always behind and never happy, until recently I realized it was not the time on tasks, but it was that I was not allowing myself a reasonable amount of time for completion. Once one project was complete, another was started with lofty goals to finish within a short time period.

Realizing I could enjoy crafting, create a business, and not rush was the best thing yet. There was guilt for not having started sooner, for my first pattern taking 4 more months than expected, for missing my chance to make an impact.  I did not factor in that I was also parenting during a pandemic with a 5th grader at home, comforting my parter due to job loss, mourning the loss of live shows and missed opportunities, managing my bookkeeping practice, and finishing my first poetry book. Everything else needed time, attention, and care, and as a one woman show I truly can not do it all.

Coming to the realization I could let my expectation of productive perfectionism was long overdue, and helped ease my overactive mind. Adding pressure via deadlines to your life without considering your other life obligations is a true disservice to your own mental health.

Just because you stepped away from something doesn't mean you need to rush it to the finish line. Take a deep breath, and say the following "I am enough, I am doing enough, and I deserve a break".

I recommend you spend some time before the holiday season writing out everything you accomplish in a week. I bet is is more than you realize.

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