A friend has been commenting on my garments and toiles lately on social media. She finds it odd that I sew only in white for summer and it just doesn’t make any sense to her. To her, there are so many beautiful prints, so many choices to have. Why white?

Well for me, black in Fall/Winter, and white in Spring/Summer are simply the right choices. See, as a Gemini I suffer easily from mental fatigue, and as beautiful as patterned fabric is, it quickly tires my eyes. Recently, by the time the fabric even arrives in the mail, I am over it. I have gotten rid of every single test garment I ever made from school. Why? Because they were no longer my taste and could no longer serve me. By the time I have started and completed a garment, my taste has changed, why? I no longer find the print visually appealing. It is just too much for me.

This level of disregard does not align with my lifestyle, so I am following my mother’s advice for dressing well. Wear the basic’s and have one to two accent colours. If we consider women in fashion who were iconic, for example Audrey Hepburn, it was the simplicity that brought elegance. When you have a closet of items that pair well together, it is easier to have less. I don’t have a closet bursting with clothes, I have performance wears for shows (I am a singer/songwriter), and I have my usual, which I wear often.

I have learned over time life is not all-or-nothing. I don’t need to avoid buying prints and fabrics with color, I simply have more intention behind each purchase. And I must say my taste for simplicity follows me everywhere I go. I get overwhelmed in the jam isle at Berkeley Bowl, the sewing aisle at Kinokuniya Books (I actually almost fainted there once), and at an all-you-can-eat-buffet. Life has too many choices. And that stresses me out, so I keep it simple. Simple brings me joy.


What fabrics bring you joy?


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