A few months ago I decided to put any new Bambini Del Mare projects on the back burner. I simply had too many things running at once and was not going to be able to keep up with it all. This can feel especially challenging when you are an ideas person and so many good ideas are inviting themselves into your home, but what do you do when you have too many ideas?

If I am being entirely truthful I feel that Bambini Del Mare was a failed idea. I did what I knew best-I started a business. I poured an immense amount of personal funds into technical editors, graders, online lessons, technical flats, and ended up spending more than I have earned from this project. I had planned to release a simple pinafore pattern and my creativity monster hijacked the project and decided I was going to release a complicated, backless dress because it was so determined on finishing an abandoned idea from 2013. Sometimes things just need to be let go. Sometimes, it's okay if they never see the light. As a single parent it hurts to realize the error in my ways, but it was an important lesson nevertheless.

 I have recently learned that ideas can be just that-ideas. They don't all need to be acted on or pursued. Just like you can let sand slip through your hands at the beach, you can release an idea into the universe and let it go. It is never worth your security to bank on an idea being the one that will get you the gold. You will simply suffer immense loss of self, time, and energy trying to prove to everyone that your idea is a good one. Amazing ideas can simply be amazing ideas.

I think there is a bit of a trap as artists in that we immediately are told by society that there is a lack of money, and lack of potential earning-this can create a scarcity mindset. So we hop on the wheel, thinking things have to be agonizing, hard, and that ultimately creates a scarcity mindset. 

It wasn't until recently that I realized it did not have to be that way at all! We can actually embrace our creativity, support and uplift each other by sharing and amplifying each others work and messages if they resonate, and build thriving artist communities that support art.

Just my two cents for today.

As I am unlearning old bad habits, I hope you will do the same.

Happy Fall,


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