Recently, I noticed I had been calling Voile Lawn, and almost made the mistake of re-ordering the wrong fabric! So what is the difference?

Blog posts can be wonderful, but sometimes a bit wordy to read. I have kept this one short and sweet.

Cotton Lawn is a fine shirting, a bit more firm than voile, and opaque. Popular companies such as Liberty of London release many of their florals in a Cotton Lawn. Usually preferable for garment sewing and good for dresses, shirts, and skirts.

Cotton Voile is sheer, soft to the touch, and has a looser weave. It is breathable and snags easily. It is much less opaque than Cotton Lawn and usually is used for underlining or for lightweight sheer tops, nightwear, and tunics. It can snag or get eaten by your machine, so you should test a strip of fabric and set the tension correctly to ensure your project is completed with ease. 

Well this is likely my shortest blog post ever! 

Now you have more knowledge, and knowledge is power.

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