UFO’s or unfinished house objects seem to carry a bad rep in the sewing community. As I reflect on the many UFO's I have laying around my home from the past decade plus, I wanted to touch on what they mean to me.

For me, leaving something in a UFO status is a moment of respite from something that I deem challenging or intimidating. Although it may seem advantageous to just push through, this often has the reverse effect for me and kills any creative motivation to finish. Something about serious struggling with a technique when I am not in the right headspace just further inflames the sentiment.

Since my word of the year has been follow-through for 2020, I have been making extra efforts to finish what I start. As a buzzing Gemini, it can be a challenge when I see a new pattern or have a new idea, but I am grounding myself by taking the extra time to finish sewing projects that feel worth finishing.

Take the Burnside Bibs for instance. I purchased this pattern in July when we were in Portland and thought it was perfect for the garden! I had some amazing Duck Canvas I planned to use for a Bambini Del Mare pinafore pattern (now set to be released in June of 2021). Instead, I wanted to sew something for myself!

I cut the pieces around September, and spent a few weekends in October sewing. It came together quickly! I unpicked the zipper numerous times as I was learning to use my new invisible zipper foot. Everything was going great until I got towards the end and I made another mistake, 3 times! Something just froze and I decided to put them away. I am looking forward to finishing them, but I am in no rush to push through the challenge at the moment. In reality, when I think about it I know I only need to put on the belt loops, finish the facing, and hem the pants. It will feel great to be done but I just need a mental break from it all.

I have defined my reason for sewing to be for personal pleasure and mental wellness. I do not sew for others unless I feel like it, and I let projects live their natural life cycle. Some have a cycle of a fly, and others of a parrot.

Don't see UFO's as all bad, sometimes you just need a break, or like me, realize mid-project you don't like it anymore!

Similar to life, sewing is all about the process and not the destination.

Wishing you a wonderful sewing process in 2021 and beyond,



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