Pandemics are not all bad. I have had the amazing opportunity to finish some WIP’s, try out new recipes, enjoy my ever-growing 11-year-old daughter, and get my pattern company-Bambini Del Mare off the ground and running

Today, I had the most wonderful conversation with Sarah Kirsten. If you don’t know about her, or what she does, she is a Pattern Designer and amazing person who creates simple, fun to execute pattens. I have made both her morning glory top, and her rosemary wrap skirt. They are my favorite garments to wear and you will catch me in them walking to the farmers market, lounging at home, or just enjoying a day at the beach. What I love most about Sarah’s patterns is that I don’t end up in that “I can’t believe I didn’t do (fill in the blank), and need to use my bleeping seam ripper now.

Bambini Del Mare came to me when I was studying Italian and thought of how I could market a high end, custom order clothing line for children and adults. Later, I realized that made-to-order garments are really stressful for an already busy, working parent, and made the decision to focus on a pattern line. The name is centered around what I love. My daughter and I love the ocean, and both share a deep connection to mother earth, and we all have an inner child. Bambini del Mare was my acknowledgment to the fact that we are all children of the sea.

I will be releasing digital patterns in 2020, starting with designs for children and women. As this is just me at the moment building this brand, please understand at some point, I will expand and offer more options. For now, I am following essentialist practices and only creating what I am able to focus on.

My next goals are to offer the patterns in many languages, and create a center for single parents to learn skills to help them get off of the welfare system.

Let me know what you like and want to see more of. I have so many ideas and plan on sharing a lot of content with you this year.

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