Invierno Scarf

I am so excited to be offering my first crochet pattern. As someone who is seasonal and only knits and crochets in the cooler months, it has always been on my list to expand my offerings. After making 2 scarves in 2 days, it only felt reasonable that I should offer some projects for the Fall/Winter transition we are experiencing in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Enjoy the art of Making!


The perfect introductory pattern to crochet, the Invierno Scarf is a quick project that works up in a few hours or less and can be worn by school aged children and adults.


By using 100% Wool, the project is completely biodegradable. This supports the environment and the sustainable fashion lifecycle.

Required Supplies

One Size P Crochet Hook 

2 Skeins of Crazy Sexy Wool or any Super Bulky Weight 100% Wool Yarn.


BLDC Back loop Double Crochet

Ch Chain

Finished Measurements

72” x 7.5” (US)

Alternate Wider Version

I offer an alternate pattern that takes 3 skeins of Yarn. 

(Beginners: Expect more time for completion.)

Note: You may notice that I am saying ch 2 and not ch 3. This creates a slightly different look and is correct.


Foundation Chain: Ch 9

Row 1 Turn, Ch 2, BLDC in the third hole from the hook, continue BLDC across work (9). Turn.

Rows 2-47 Repeat Row 1

Finish by pulling the end of your yarn through the final stitch and weave in ends by hand.

Voila! Enjoy your new Invierno Scarf!


If you are interested in a visual guide, I offer it on my paid version as well as an alternate scarf instructions to create a wider and longer scarf.

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