Sometimes, it is time to slow life down whether you like it or not. The first two weeks of May have been a testament to this in my life. These weeks have been especially exhausting for me as we did a slow move. Some of you may wonder what is a slow move? Well, having moved over twelve times in my 20’s with my daughter, I decided it was a good call to have a slow move over a two week period to reduce my stress and avoid emotional triggers.

Unfortunately, dragging a move over 15 days ended up becoming even more exhausting than getting it done in a few days! I definitely do not recommend it. We finally just settled into our new apartment on the 15th, and there is a lot to accomplish. My first goal is to get my sewing area organized as it is currently a certified mess. There is stuff everywhere!

We have decided to prioritize getting settled. I recently purchased a dressform and I am SO HAPPY with the results. Generally, I am very free form in my sewing style and work from no pattern to upcycle clothing. The skirt on the form was an upcycle, and the top is the square neckline version of my Farmer’s Market Dress, coming to you in June.

My partner understood the importance of my sewing space and immediately put up my pegboard so I can locate my scissors, thread, and rules. Next, we are getting some shelving units to store all of my sewing books, and fabric. We are getting some wall shelving, and I will put up some artwork and posters that inspire me in my sewing corner. For the WIP, they are all in Ikea style baskets, and pretty hard to rummage through and find. I am currently brainstorming the best solution/finishing old projects.

Sadly, there was so much momentum to the pattern collection, and now it is a bit frustrating trying to launch the new line and settle in to a new place. What is even harder, is that I started this a decade ago, so there is a lot of old feelings around finishing the work, and the place I was in when I was trying to initially complete the collection.

Living in California means you are sometimes sacrificing having more space for the quality of life or location of the unit.

For now, I have been sewing standing up on our kitchen island, and I actually quite enjoy the vantage point!

In the upcoming weeks, I will garden to keep my sanity, and hope the beaches are open for my birthday in June.

How are your sewing spaces coming along?

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