How do we feel about size?
Society spends a lot of time telling us how we should or shouldn’t look, what we should or shouldn’t wear, how long we should have our hair; and what style to wear it in, as well as if we meet their “standards”. This is shown daily on billboards, magazines, and on Instagram.

Since I studied Apparel Design and Merchandising in 2009, there has been a huge movement towards body positivity. This wonderful movement has pushed labels and designers to make patterns and styles more accessible, and increase their sizing options. As someone who always struggled to understand size charts (as nothing is the same fit-wise in American stores, and there seems to be no true standard), I was happy to learn the skill or sewing my own, and my favorite skill of all upcycling.

Growing up in a household where we owned predominately high quality, European garments, having a heavy girl phase, and going to school for Apparel Design has changed my relationship with size. When ordering vintage patterns, I am a size 12 (truly a misses 13), in fast fashion I can barely fit in a 0 and have to go to junior’s sizing (sadly, the style is quite young for my tastes). At high end shops I am a size 4. I like to think of clothing as wearable art that I will feel my best in, and will fit well.

I would like for us to revert to a time similar to the pre fast fashion era ( starting around the 1960’s), to where we are used to getting a custom fit, that is flattering to your shape. Where people understood that you can not just grab an item off the rack and it have a flattering fit. Where the standards and averages were more realistic and true to a woman’s shape. Clothing should be contoured to your own shape. Depending on your shape, there are always brands that will fit better. I hope we will return to slow fashion and remember that there was a way to have a stylish and flattering wearable art.

With my patterns, there will be trial and error. When I sew a new drafted pattern, I take the in-progress garment on and off my body multiple times to ensure an excellent fit. You should do the same if possible. Do not expect to download the pdf pattern, sew it up, and have it fit flawlessly on the first try. You will have the most success by creating a mock-up in muslin (I like to use an affordable fashion fabric or an old sheet in case the fit works out). You can refer to my resources I will post for you, buy some butcher's paper, magic tape, a good ruler, and learn to make modifications. This is how you will have. a positive experience and leave with a garment you LOVE!

As a sole e-commerce shop owner, I have decided to start out with designs that are feasible and executable to me with my current time constraints (two other businesses and a pre-teen at home). I do intend to bring you more sizes eventually, but for now I will offer what I can draft, test on fit models, and release with confidence.

My perspective on size has forever changed. How do you feel about slow fashion and sewing your own clothes?

Cheers to brilliant sewing,



  • Anna de Leon said:

    Congratulations!!! It looks so beautiful and I am thrilled for you… Much love and many blessings to you!

    August 16, 2020

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