The leaves are officially starting to turn in the states, and we are passing the hustle and bustle summer energy of wanting to sew everything and simply not having enough time! I noticed that I usually plan to sew summer clothes in early spring but can never get the motivation to get started (or finish) projects.

As Fall approaches, the weather turns, and we are more intentional with our wardrobe. We start planning more preparing for Winter. As creatures with circadian rhythms, we need more rest, and our pace starts to slow down. For me, in Winter, I am pretty much hibernating and quilting, so there is not much garment making. Fall is my last opportunity to get things done.

I have been experimenting with seasonal sewing (I coined the term for my own use), and have started actually planning garments. I created a more detailed Garment Planning Worksheet for you to printout and use if you wish!

The point of the details in the worksheet is to take the time to decide if the garment you are planning to sew is:
A. Really your style  and
B. A valid addition to your wardrobe
When you spend more time planning beforehand, you are generally less disappointed with the outcome.

Here is an example of my own sheet. I live in Northern California and my wardrobe reflects this. I personally take a lot longer than most sewists to start and finish garments. I don't believe that if it sits around for too long it will get stale (for me). If it is sitting, maybe it is because I need a mental break from the project.

Personally, I start 2-3 projects at once, as I like problem-solving and shifting gears depending on what I feel like working on. How do you like to start and finish your projects? Anything you abandoned that you plan on returning to?

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