This year, I decided to start my new year's resolutions early. With all my new hobbies I wanted to smash those hypothetical goals by doing some extra planning and give my future self a head start!

Some of you may not know, but I am a multi-venture entrepreneur. I own a successful bookkeeping business, I am a singer-songwriter and pre-covid I had 20-30 shows a year. And of course, I am a single parent.

I decided that I fell short in 2020, and pretty much for all of the 2000's, but 2021 will be different. I have spent enough time fighting against my fear of success hiding in the murky shadows. I am ready to shine.

And how will I do it, you may wonder. I will have success because each week I will have measurable goals that lead to an end of the year goal in December. By breaking down my goals into bite sized tasks, they will be obtainable, and I won't be left feeling with that icky feeling that I fell short, am a total failure, and will leave this world not having made any impact. 

You can set yourself up in 2021 by considering how much you can realistically take on. For me, I know I have a huge flame at the beginning of the day that dwindles by 4 pm. To take full advantage I must wake up early. With this energy, I can only wrap one large thing up or start one large thing, and work on one small thing. My candle works best with 3 things or less, so I must be thoughtful with my day. 

I have spent a lot of time studying myself, and I have learned about my archetype, my signature sign, my dosha, you name it. This helps me understand what I need to be successful and how to best thrive with what I have.

As a creative, you can often be buzzing to start many things at once! This can be a killer of productivity, or it can work. For me, I prefer it as it enables me to have a really slow period, and they BAM, I am finished with four things at once. I like that rush, and it allows me to stay true to my mercurial nature.

So for you to have success in 2021, it is all about planning. Do you like to plan?

If you have an interest in a goal tracker, simply write to me in the comments section and I will work on developing one for you.


As always, happy sewing!



Song of the Day: Boa Sorte-Vanessa Da Mata 

The version with Ben Harper is how I discovered her.

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