Sewing the Seamwork Ruth Top

Date started: Saturday, April 24th

Date completed: Sunday, May 2nd

 I finished my Ruth top in the morning and decided to wear it in the  afternoon. This was my third time sewing this garment and I honestly thought I would have my dress completed before my top. As soon as I picked this fabric up from Stonemountain I knew the plan changed and cut right into it. I didn’t even prewash it. It's called Kokka - Cotton/Linen Sheeting.

This came together easy and quickly. About half of the top was sewn by hand, and I am so proud of the finishing. 

I had a bit of a sewing fail when I attached both sides of the snap the male direction and had to remove the second one. My hand sewn stitches were so secure I almost ripped the fabric as I tried to carefully take them out. Next stop, hand bound buttonholes.

I have a long torso and didn’t need to make any mods. I am 100% team Seamwork. I absolutely LOVE their patterns and their block fits me so well. If you are thinking about subscribing to Seamwork the answer is a resounding yes! The patterns are so easy to sew and they have such an enjoyable community with a really wonderful user experience.

Total sewing time: 8 hours or so.

Mods: Extended peplum by 2” 

Size Sewn

My measurements are 5'7" (170cm ish), 32.5-25.5-36 and I cut a straight 0.

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