November 1st  was a week full of epic fails. I had piled way too much onto my plate and of course in true fashion, it all came to a head. Bombarding your schedule can mean many things. For me, I just love learning, but adding too much can be detrimental to progress.

This week, I failed at a new pattern. I was making a snood, and it ended up looking awful, so now it is one leg warmer (it will eventually have a pair). After having so many things come tumbling down I have some insights I’d like to share during this Gemini Eclipse Weekend:


Let it Go

Sometimes it is time to let a project go. It doesn't mean you didn't do your best, it doesn't mean you don't have followthrough. Sometimes you are doing yourself a serious favor by acknowledging that something just didn't work out and to try again (or not) at a later date. I have a lovely bag that is beautiful for failed projects. Currently, they are all becoming stuffing for my daughter's Closet Core Pouf in progress.



Leave the home and get some fresh air. Spend some time in your garden, check the time the sun is setting and drive to a nice hill to watch it set on the horizon. A reset can be a breath of fresh air, and as creatives we can lose track that we have been sitting down at our machine most of the day.


Start Over

Fresh eyes can make all the difference. Sometimes you just need to start over. I now toile everything. I used to do it most of the time and every once in a while I wouldn't do it. Huge mistake. If you don't toile you can miss something major in the fit and end up with short sleeves or a hem that is too long for your liking. Don't think of making a test version as a setback, see it as a way to guarantee your success, and ultimately prevent  project disappointment, which can hurt your sewing confidence.


Don’t Overfill Your Schedule

Enough said here. In the Fall and Winter days are short. Do you go to bed earlier? Set yourself up for success by scheduling your sewing time, and recognizing that realistically, with everything else you have going on, you can only sew for a certain period of time. I prefer to not be interrupted (and alone) when sewing, but since the pandemic, I have learned to sew in the living room with my daughter and partner talking to me, while they are watching the TV. I love silence when sewing and prefer to have steel focus, but for now, I can put my headphones on and listen to a song from my playlist on repeat. When my daughter is in online classes, I can probably get about 1 hour of sewing in with all of the interruptions, so I prefer to look for larger blocks of time like the weekend.


Plan your Life According to Your Ideal Lifestyle

This one is big. As a recovering workaholic I used to work about 80 hours per week at four jobs with a child in school. As a single parent, I have always had to hustle, but I also always wanted a slower paced life. One that included some time to sit down and enjoy meals at the table. As  I have gotten older, this has solidified even more in my personality. I do not let thing encroach on my family time unless I prioritize it. If you don't decide on your day, someone else will decide for you. What does your ideal life look like? Busy and full or slow and relaxed?


Reconnect with Yourself

To reframe your mind, your head needs to be in a good mental state. For this to happen, you need to feel at ease. Spend some time getting to know the new version of you. Did you know every 7 years we are a completely different person? Every 7 years our cells have completely regenerated and are new. I like to spend time to rediscover who I am. You don't have to hold on to the past version of yourself. Life experiences shape and change us. Enjoy the new version of yourself, and rejoice in the fact that failures are great building blocks to learning what not to do in the future.

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