In thinking of peignoirs, there is one word that I tend to leave out: practical. Is it sensible to sew only what your heart desires? Where does this leave practicality?

Last summer, I collected some Muu muu patterns as they were at a vintage shop. They are not really my personal taste, but I realized that I lacked nice flowy house clothes that are loose around the crotch as I prefer, so maybe sewing one up would be both a practical and sensible option.

First on my list to sew was this Vintage McCalls 3902 as it is the correct size and minimal pieces to sew. It came together simply, and was straightforward without much direction. I must admit the finished garment was quite underwhelming. I had a dream of how to make this piece look somewhat digestible (in my tastes). I say underwhelming because I prefer looking elegant or casual chic. I don’t think this falls into either category, but recently, I no longer enjoy wearing pants and this definitely is the next best thing.

It is a good palette cleanser pattern, and came together within 8 hours or so (I did a lot of handsewing on the inside for a clean finish). The inside has french seams and despite this, I will be taking this apart to rework it into something more fitted (possibly with smocking)?

We have had some wonderful rains the past week that has made our normally dry and brown hills the most beautiful green, reminiscent of Maui, which I miss dearly.

I have recently been sewing about every other week as I have had lower amounts of energy. With the full moon in my moon sign this week, I am excited to see what ideas come stirring. What are you sewing this week?

This is my first completed peignoir for my series: The 12 Peignoirs of 2021. Next will be Vintage McCalls 6299, although it is a size XXL and much too large for me, it will be very easy to grade down to my specifications. I do not skip making toiles and ended up making one for this garment as well, sizing it down by a few sizes.

Do you prefer to sew for fun or practicality?

 Don’t mind me, I’m just here matching the cows.

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