Welcome Fall!

It took me almost one month to release this post. As someone with a lot of goals, I find it hard to quell my constant need to do all the things (queue frantic music). Recently, I decided to return to school to complete my certification in Apparel Design and Merchandising from 2009! It's been a while, and adjusting to full time school mid pandemic/civil rights movement/election year/new preteen schooling at home has been a challenge! My new practice is learning to break my cycle of burnout quickly by halting all gears and resetting. I have a tendency to hyperfocus and ignore basic necessities during the day. This year has been a practice to release those tendencies. My past four weeks have been filled with crochet, warm tea, extra sleep, starting our Fall garden, and waking up with the birds.

Now onto the pattern testing photos...

This was such an incredibly helpful and thoughtful pattern testing group. Their feedback was wonderfully in-depth and thoughtful! I found that a lot of what was originally included in the instructions made things more confusing.

This release is my first patternless, one size, zero waste pattern! I want to turn your attention to the beautiful testers garments that are just jaw dropping gorgeous. 

Pattern testing really does take a village, and getting it from concept to pattern is hard work! Without futher ado, the long overdue Zero Waste Poncho Pattern Testers and their looks!

This is a simple make and you are essentially creating three rectangles for the poncho. So read through, don’t overthink it too much, and if you are stuck, make a mini version out of paper or fabric (@soveryjo told me she did this and it is ingenious).

I will be offering some tips for success before 2020 ends, so stay tuned!



Innana created an amazing poncho using fleece fabric. Check out her amazing page, she has a total vibe and I love the backgrounds she finds that are so cohesive with her looks. My month dropped when I saw the most fabulous reel on Insta of her poncho, which includes her new hubby. She creates amazing floral bombers which I will for sure own at some point. Check her out @innanaapparel



Johanna brought all the Fall vibes with her amazing poncho in Flannel which she shot during a heat wave! She has style and taste on point! 

She is a talented sewist who also owns an amazing sewing machine (can you say-hands free). She offered the brilliant idea of creating a miniature prototype before sewing.  She was extremely helpful in the group and truly understands how to give clear and concise feedback! Being multi-lingual has it downsides as I had been reading her page as Sovery Jo for the longest and wondered what it meant. It is actually So Very Jo, and she has one of the best sewing blogs I have seen! Follow her @soveryjo


 This is Regina's second time testing with me and I love the energy she brings with her photos. She has such a unique style and expresses it with stitches. I admire that she worked in a super tricky satin!! She has  a video that are swoon worthy of my free skirt pattern. You can check her out @reggiesteady


This was Nicole's first time testing and she has already made two versions of the poncho! I absolutely love the way they turned out. It is the ultimate toss on garment to up a look. Check her page out @nicolesnapsandsews


Lee created a gorgeous garment from Ikat (I need to ask again, I may be incorrect). She was extremely helpful in the process and I was so happy to have her contributions for the test. She quilts too, and creates some amazing work from her machine.  I really enjoy her page. Check her out @quarteracreblock

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