For my birthday, I decided to sew the Romy top by Tessuti Fabrics. I had seen photos of this lovely top on Instagram and it looked in alignment with my ever-changing style. I found it to be a quick sew, and fairly easy to construct.


I have read a lot of mixed reviews on the construction of the top, especially around the armscye. I have broader shoulders, so I personally didn’t run into any fit issues. The strap is extremely long and I only needed 4.5 inches to end the top where I needed it. After trimming the original pattern, I had about a full strap of excess left.

I omitted the additional tear-away facing as I just didn’t find it necessary. Maybe it has use to some.

I did a cross stitch to finish the hem as I prefer clean finishes and decided not to topstitch the facing.

The inside facing was a bit short for my bust, so I the next time I sew it I will extend it about 2.5 more inches. My sweet boyfriend turned the straps for me, but this top definitely prompted me to invest in a loop turner.

I. am quite eager to make another one and tinker with the pattern. Some modifications in mind are a criss cross back and a halter variation. The accomplishment I am feeling with completing what I am starting is immense. As a habitual non-finisher I am happy to say I am recovering and on the mend.

Cheers to another year around the sun,



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