I create all my businesses with a plan in mind, but I realize I have yet to share that plan with you all.⁠⁠ With each business I create, my end goal is philanthropy. I am a humanitarian, and I don’t openly advertise and share my plans as I felt that it wasn’t necessary. I now realize this can hinder my growth. I need to grow so I can give more to organizations I support and ultimately, create a legacy so that the world can become a better place.⁠⁠
I planned to start this when I launched Bambini Del Mare, but I decided to wait on this and the wait is over.⁠⁠
Starting this month, I will donate 5% of profits to organizations that matter to me. Causes I support are:⁠⁠
🌿Family food security⁠⁠
🌿Survivors of domestic violence⁠⁠
🌿Financial independence through education ⁠⁠
🌿Climate change prevention⁠⁠
🌿Ocean restoration ⁠⁠
🌿Marine life protection⁠⁠
🌿Forest conservation ⁠⁠
🌿Suicide awareness⁠
🌿Gardening and seed saving education ⁠

You can support my causes by:⁠⁠
❖Purchasing my patterns⁠⁠
❖Donating via the PayPal link⁠⁠
❖Sharing my posts⁠⁠
❖Signing up for my classes⁠⁠
❖Purchase my poetry book (coming soon)⁠⁠
⁠⁠I considered monthly donations but I decided I would have more impact doing these as quarterly donations. For me, this enables more money to be raised, and less management on the back end as the months especially in the summertime  move increasingly faster.

My Instagram bio has changed so you all can see what I am about. This quarter, I am supporting Feeding America. As someone who has experienced buying food knowing I only have enough to feed my child, my heart sank recently when I heard an ad on the radio. People are having really hard times, and I don't want anyone to not be able to eat, or feed their children.⁠⁠
Every quarter, I will donate 5% of my profits to an organization I support. You will be able to see who I am supporting on my website and on Instagram. Before each new quarter, newsletter subscribers will be able to vote for the next cause. If you would like to participate in voting you can sign up for my newsletter.⁠⁠ If you want to find out more about how I plan to reach my donation goal of $5,000, you can read about it here.

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