The planning phase is in motion for Me Made May and I have decided to focus primarily on sewing for others as gifts. As I have had and enjoyed a lot of sewing personal projects, I am going to encourage myself to use May as a selfless sewing month. With this, I am allowed to pivot and shift as needed.

My current goal is to compile all projects and make sure I have everything I need to get sewing and not be stuck on a step waiting on something to arrive in the mail. Next is to refine and shorten the list so I can feel accomplished over overwhelmed. Only one large project is allowed on the board for May, and it’s burnside bibs for my daughter, which I will be breaking into four sets of 3-4 hours per week. I really have wanted to make her a pair since I enjoyed sewing mine.

I am organizing projects now by sewing time to be realistic about my obligations and what needs to happen that month. To ensure I feel accomplished, I will be rising with the sunrise in May, which means I will be getting up around 6:30am. This leaves me more than enough time to knock out work tasks by 9am and have the rest of the day to sew.

In regards to toiles, they are a must, so I will spend the month of April solidifying the necessary toiles and ensuring I have all measurements to get started.

I am going to precut as much as possible in April so that everything is marked and ready to sew.

Meal plans are in motion so that our bentos will be ready to go, and there won’t need to be too much extra thinking around meals.

I am really excited to sew along this May and have some wonderful gifts sewn.

For me, making something once doesn't necessarily make me faster at it, and my goal is not speed but quality. By not overloading my weeks with more than 30 hours of sewing, I think this is a reasonable feat. As this is my first time participating, I am feeling excited as I have waited until I felt comfortable with the expedited pace.

Lastly, there is no way I will be able to make all of these garments. I imagine I will finish four items, so don't 

How do you prepare for Me Made May? Any tips?

Feel free to copy my templates for your own planning!

Here is access to my Notion Board (For Technical Makers): Access it Now!

Here is access to my Trello Board (For Visual Makers): Access it Now!

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