With Me Made May approaching I realized it was time for me to refine my plans. What started as a reasonably ambitious goal for me (in other words extremely over-ambitious), became a list of garments I really had no interest in wearing.

My original plan was to have each week free to just sew for Me Made May but my life does not accommodate that kind of time. With my senior collection due in two weeks, a poetry book in the process of being published, and my first live show coming up in May, I needed to rethink my sewing by week.

After having various conversations with different sewing friends on comparitis, I realize there is a dark nature of Instagram sewing accounts. In seeing prolific people who sew a lot, this in cause has us devalue our self-worth and feel like we are not doing enough. At least I do.

I am not sure about you, but I didn’t start sewing to become a one woman sewing factory. I started sewing for various reasons, but the main reason was to create for myself, with my hands. I have a lot more to say on this so as summer approaches I think I will start a short series on feelings of inadequacy, comparing ourselves to others, and imposter syndrome. My biggest nemesis, fear of success and I have confronted each another many times, and I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like had I not held myself back. Well that took a turn towards my shadow side. Back to Me Made May.

With new patterns being released and a realization of what I actually want to wear for summer versus what I think I want to wear this summer, I have decided to copy my own board from Trello to create a new more reasonable schedule.

As I have been ogling at Me Made May for a decade now, it is time I participate. I will participate on my terms as I see manageable, and for me, daily posting is wild. So my goal will be to post 2-3 times per week.

I sew for two versions of myself, the gardening casual Serah, and the Serah who LOVES to play dress up. I will cater to both.

Week 1 will be for clothes of comfort. I will sew the Axis Tank on repeat, a knit skirt or two, and the wander wrap skirt from one of my first and favorite connections in the sewing social media sphere, Karen LePage.


Week 2 will be for play. I will sew the newly released Anthea Blouse by my dear friend Anna and a vintage pattern of choice.


Week 3 will be for the garden. If you aren’t yet aware I am a garden fanatic. My hobby had a full on explosion in my life, and now the course of my life path has shifted once more. I will sew the clover apron dress from my kind and loving friend Sarah Kirsten and a summer pair of burnside bibs.


Week 4 will be about gratitude. This week will be for gifts. I plan to make the fennel fanny pack for a friend, a pleated (Tennis) skirt my daughter requested last summer (tutorial by Vintage Thirsty), and a ZW gather dress.


Week 5 will be for followthrough. I will finish up any unfinished makes I have the capacity for. This will be a week of ease leading up to my birthday month of June.

I am allowing this to not be concrete. I am allowing change to become a possibility if I wish.

I acknowledge that I am participating for the fun of it, and wanting to sew all the things can leave me feeling like I am in lack.

I am not in lack, I have abundance. Abundance to purchase fabric at my whim, abundance to find time to sew in my busy schedule, abundance is all around me and I am grateful.

I hope in reading this you feel some ease in your decision to participate or not. Do what’s best for you and the rest shall follow.


If you are curious about my free Me Made resources, I have both a Notion board and a Trello board that can be copied for planning. You can find the blog post with that information here: https://bambinidelmare.com/blogs/news/me-made-may-planning


Are you planning to participate in Me Made May?

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