Do you enjoy hacking the pattern?


Do you enjoy learning new variations and sewing techniques?


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As we are close to the transition from Sagittarius season to Capricorn, it is an excellent time to learn new sewing skills. I am so excited to announce that my Patreon page is officially live. My goal when starting Bambini Del Mare was to have more visual guides for learners who need to see things in different views. The biggest challenge with a sewing business is setting up a camera to show what you are doing! After watching many different styles of showcasing, I have landed on a style I like. I am going to make every effort to keep it exciting, and you will learn some things about me in the process.

Different tiers have different perks such as sew-along videos, Patreon only sewing patterns, Live Q&A's, physical patterns, mailed gifts, and voting on new releases. 


The first sew-along video will be uploaded the first week of January. We will be sewing View A of the Dolcezza Bolero. If you sign up for any tier now, you can vote for the next sew-along video. Tiers start at $4.00 per month.

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