Shaving is something I have always had a love and loathing relationship with. As women, hair removal is a billion-dollar industry that has been long driven by men's preferences. The pressure to shave can feel immense. I started shaving around 14 or so, and recall using disposable head razors, then switching to waxing when I could afford it (which was rare as I was busy or broke all the time). Luckily, I grew up with a myriad of women who did not shave their legs or underarms, and hair was normalized.

When traveling for out of town gigs, I would sometimes buy those god awful single-use razors to meet societal pressure to fit in. I always felt horrible when throwing them away. Now that I am older and my opinion of other people's opinions has waned and I shave whenever I feel like it. 

As I was lazy-ish, I would allow weeks even months to pass between shaves. People's comments on my appearance of hair would leave me feeling insecure and clenching my arms tight to my sides when I went a few days without shaving. But get this: I didn't want to shave every day, and I don't think we should feel obliged to.

As my goal for the past 4 years is to be 100% zero waste, every new year my resolutions are built around what can I do without? From paper towels, to tampons and pads, to plastic bags, straws, and single-use plastic, there are things you just won't find in my house, and I am unapologetic about it. I am doing everything in my control to minimize my household's impact. 

I decided to switch to a zero-waste shave routine just this year. I can't believe it took me so long. The razors looked intimidating and I felt like I didn't know how to start. Lucky for me, there is this amazing company by the name of Albatross Designs and they offer beautifully crafted butterfly razor. Their goal is to eliminate the world of plastic from shaving. I am happy to support a company that aligns with my values and even offers a take back program, which is the first in the world!

I opted for the longer handle razor because I have piano fingers and generally am a long person (limb-wise). I ordered their shaving soap, and the light shaving kit, as I shave maybe 2 times per week or less.

Excited at its quick arrival, I had to have my partner show me how to set up my razor for first-time use. Ladies, if you feel intimidated, just ask around to see who has experience with these and can show you. With just a simple rotation of the bottom of the handle, the top compartment opens and you can insert or replace the blade.  When my mom arrived to pick up my daughter, I was so excited to share my new found toy, and she just shrugged and said safety razors were what people used before disposable razors were a thing in the '70s. I was baffled. How come we stopped using them?

Modernization has made society want everything faster and easier and we have done this at the cost of our home planet. If you look back to another decade, there were things that households simply did without.  How can you reduce your impact? 

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Photographed in my P atio Garden From Left to Right: 

Mill Station No 1 Shave Bowl, Soap, and Brush, I readily borrow from my partner every time I shave, Albatross SHAVES annual razor replacements in a beautiful burlap bag, my Albatross SHAVES razor, and the reusable bag from my reusable cotton rounds I keep my razor in.

p.s: (If a tutorial of how to use a butterfly razor with soap interests you, mention it in my comments and I will consider creating a post about it.)

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