Update: December 23, 2020. The Calma Summer Skirt is now a paid pattern and can be purchased in my shop here.
Can you believe I have been working on a free pattern since April of this year? What started as a pinafore, then became an apron wrap dress, which became a top, which became a skirt. I simply could not make up my mind! Committing to something as a creative can be hard, but I have dedicated this year to follow through. Although an idea may change, at some point I need to make a decision and stick with it. 

On a recent camping trip with dear friends, I thought long and hard on what addition I wanted in my me-made wardrobe that felt comfortable doing anything! As I started thinking, I observed what different people wore from a distance.  Things that were important for me in a garment were comfort, some ease, sun coverage, and feelings of fabulousness! I love putting one thing on and instantly feeling great about myself.

Once we returned home, I kept thinking about what type of garment I wanted to create. So while I snuck my Patagonia wrap pants out of the dirty clothes hamper for the third time, I dreamed of a skirt that would be lovely to feel fancy in at the grocery store, and comfortable enough that you won't forget to take it camping.
The Calma Summer Skirt is the perfect wardrobe staple that transitions well into Fall. It works best with fabrics that have drape and can be sewn up in 1 day or less. It is practically a zero waste garment, and you can save your scraps as I teach you scrap buster projects over the Fall and Winter months to help you reduce what gets thrown into the trash. No scrap is too small.

Have you sewn your own skirt? Do you want to write a positive review or advice to other sewists? If so, you can leave me feedback here

Here are some makes by my lovely testers. I must say that the testing process was the most fun of everything. My heart leaps seeing people creatively express themselves through sewing. Everyone has such unique styles and perspectives.
Gabrielle @alifeofitsewn
Emma @coffeeandglassslippers
Eugenia @crumbsandgiggles
Marianne @mrnfnrn
Elena @elenarchivist
Sarah @meinthemeantime
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