Don’t Let Your Confidence Be Deflated By a Difficult Project

Hello friends,

I am back from vacation and a lot has happened in the past few weeks. I had an anniversary trip to Carmel, we went camping in Central Valley, I had my first porch concert since COVID-19, we drove to Oregon, spiders moved into my sewing desk while away, and my pattern grader fired me. 

As my first pattern release is approaching, I am realizing the importance of following through. As my word of the year, I am learning to persevere, even when I am at my wit's end, and when to take a break, sit in the garden with some tea, and listen to sad songs. This design was started in 2013, and after a long pause, I returned to finish the fit on the pattern and release it to sewers worldwide.

I find that I have the tendency to like to switch projects, especially when close to completion. For me, finishing is hard. I have been trying to reflect and figure out what it is in my personality that gets in my way. I am still not clear on why.

We are always tested in life, I think having many ideas is wonderful, but having the ability to decide what to pursue and what to leave behind is a skill that is developed. Sometimes a project just needs time and space and you can return to it later. Sometimes you just need a break, and when you return to your project with fresh eyes, you can give it the effort to get it across the finish line.

I must add that for me, I am not as prolific at sewing as a lot of amazing people I see on Instagram. I realize my life and time are split differently, and I must not compare, but set my own goals. As a mother, as a provider, and as a person with many interests, I sew when I can.

Don't let your confidence be deflated by a difficult project. If it is meant to be finished, it will be.

As always,


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