Started January 2021
Completed January 2021


2021/01/20 Covid House Clothes Reimagined.

It's a skirt, it's a pant, it's Japanese! I recently made these delectable wrap pants out of black double gauze from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics. I was so excited when I saw the pants in the book きれいな服 by Aoi Koda. After having a near meltdown when opening the patterns in the book 濱田明日香 by Asuka Hamada, I swore off tracing stacked patterns until I was ready. Here we are one year later, finally sewing some garments that have been high on my making list.

I made view 6A, a perfect skirt/pant hybrid, roomy like a culotte. In this instance, having B&W instead of color on the pattern sheet made it much easier for me to trace off (less confusion). I made a straight size 9, (and it ended up very large). Main areas with fit challenges were the waist, where I ended up needing to pleat the waistband 2.5" and the front pant piece, which I cut incorrectly after having a conversation with my dear friend Karen on matching up the diagram images (it ended up 2.5" too large on both pieces).

I started my french seams correctly and realized in my late-night pattern cutting, my pieces were facing the wrong direction. Black gauze is hard to distinguish once washed! Instead, I finished the insides by reinforcing the seams with a simple zig-zag stitch after my serger came unthreaded (and I felt lazy).

This was 100% machine sewn (aside from a prick stitch to tack my pleats down), which is extremely rare for me, but since these pants have purpose for camping, I would prefer not to have my garment fall apart while tree climbing with my daughter or on a hike with friends. I am a notorious pin dropper, so I don't bring hand sewing on excursions that have us sleeping close to the floor (yet I still sew in bed).

I actually made a toile before cutting into my fashion fabric, but I didn't practice the waistband application, which would have been better to try in advance.

During the process, I was compelled to draft my own pieces for the waistband and side ties, but I like to follow the designer's process initially to get a chance to assess the fit. This pair is for all of our summer trips, but I will make another pair to wear around the house. I don't like to not get dressed in the morning, I feel a bit lost without some freeform structure, so this will be the perfect garment for my sort-of dressed kind of days. Currently dreaming of sleeping under the stars.

I see why people sew many versions of the same pair of pants. I like to have fewer clothes and know everything I own, so I will move onto greener pasture after pair number two.

Top is self-drafted (cotton/linen blend) and a pattern I planned to release last June. Then I realized everyone had an oversized top pattern and decided to focus on other items. On a whim, I added slits on the side.

To create the neckline facing, I used the scrap fabric (pictured below). To finish the neckline facing, I used two rows of prick stitches 1/4” apart.  A few things were a bit off so I am going to develop it more for funsies. However, you will see a wrap pant from me in 2021. Those are my favorite ;)

Makeup is by Nudi Goods. A favorite of mine.

My mask is Japanese too! A cute kawaii kitty fabric I picked up last year from Josephine Dry Goods as well as comfortable elastic. If you have not visited Bini's shop it is definitely worth a visit!

P.s. This is my first 100% made by me outfit in a looooong time. I am very proud of myself.


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