I used to purchase so many patterns and not consider if it was something I will love and whether it will be a positive addition to my wardrobe. It can be challenging to surpass the excitement of possible patterns and wardrobe additions at the store and even in the excitement of social media. I believe the store and internet separates us from considering what we actually wear. 

Recently, I have taken inventory of my closet. As I am a singer and had a lot of gigs pre-covid, most of my closet was dresses and extravagant clothing for live shows. I lacked basics like bibs for the garden, dresses for the market, and just my usual day to day clothing. I will add, I am gregarious and my style is a reflection of my quest to never fit in. So I decided that I would add some practical garments that I adore to my wardrobe. I don't care if patterns are similar, I have an aesthetic which I love. I care about loving something so much I want to wear it over and over again. Loving them so much that I might sneak it out of the dirty clothes hamper to go down the road to get some Oat Milk for my Chai. True garment love.

Here is my six patterns I will be sewing towards the end of the Summer/Fall:

Untitled Thoughts Olive Jumpsuit

La Forme Russia 0701 (currently only offered in Russian)

Gentle Clothing Wander Skirt (One can never have enough wrap skirts)

Sew House Seven Burnside Bib

By Hand London Holly Jumpsuit

Sew Altered Style Dionne Duster

There are some vintage patterns from the 20's through 50's that are not listed. Those are my guilty pleasure. You will see posts about those in the near future. I also need to decide on a swimsuit pattern or draft my own (more likely). I am infamous for biting off more than I can chew and becoming a giant stress ball, so I have no timelines on these projects. I will just make them in a fabric suitable for longterm wearing and then they will become a wardrobe staple.

These are what I consider basics: After my 3 minute showers, I want something easy to pop on. It can have frills, but it needs to be easy (and comfortable). Must teach me something new when sewing, and stretch my brain a bit.

I want to help you decide to sew pieces you love. To combat indecision, I have created a garment planning worksheet for you to take some personal inventory of your style now, and what you would like to add to your wardrobe before you cut into that $22.00 per yard wool. The goal is to start each potential make with some extra planning. If you lose excitement around it maybe it is not time for you to sew it yet.

What do you plan on sewing this Fall?


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