Burnside Bibs

Started Early September 2020
Version 2 Completed 8th of February 2021

Version 1 Started 26th of March (pattern pieces already cut and marked beforehand)

Completed 27th of March 2021


Presenting the Burnside Bibs!  I purchased this pattern in July at Josephine's Dry Goods (Bini convinced me they are awesome), and I was so excited to enjoy these into Winter. A season late, but on time for our brisk mornings and the Mendocino fog.

These took so long. I spent a few hours on a rainy day cutting out the pattern and sewed for a good 8 hours on the next.

I cut a straight size 2. I could have sewn it smaller, but I like to eat. For modifications, I extended the torso by 1” and when attaching the lining to the inside I slipstitched instead of machine sewed.

Kelly Hogaboom has an amazing sew along tutorial on the Sew House 7 blog which made the process a breeze, thank you so much! On November 2nd, I had a full day of sewing where I blasted through the majority of the steps and then arrived at the zipper.

After the third time re-installing the zipper, I realized I needed a break, so I took a lot of months away from this project (although on the 29th of November I was 95% finished.)

The fabric for my version is my favorite supple 10 oz cotton brushed bull denim twill from Drygood Design. I originally planned to use it for a pinafore pattern for one of my own patterns, but I realized I wanted something comfortable for the garden instead. The practicality of this pattern is truly out of this world. There are pockets in all the convenient places and they are deeeeep. I could care less if a dress has pockets or not, but bibs need pockets-for hands and such.

The second version is version 1 without a zipper no modifications in size 00 for my daughter. She saw me working on my pair back in September and kindly asked me to sew some for her as well. It must have been her tone in asking, but I felt compelled to do it. I am absolutely terrible at finishing her makes, and want to change this trait. I started hers on Friday and finished them on Saturday with the force of unfinished baby projects graveyard propelling me to complete a garment for her! I can be quite the special fabrics hoarder and this one was no different. This RJR Solid Cotton Supreme was purchased last year from Drygood Design, I had a lovely drop waist dress planned but my daughter had an eye on it too and why can’t I share?

Sewing the second time around was a breeze and I finished her pair under 24 hours, a first for me. I did cut a rather large hole in her pant leg and was able to mend it with some help from friends. 

Bini told me this pattern was great, and the hype was real. Peggy created some real magic with this pattern. The instructions and the process was all so lovely and comprehensive. I am currently preparing to sew my third pair.

Total sewing time for my pair: 16 hours

Total sewing time for my daughters pair: 6 hours

On a side note, I was waiting to post this because I wanted the perfect pictures. The week of Spring Break had other plans for me because I just wanted to relax and not be a model mom, so these are the shots we got! Thanks Minimalist Machinist for the inspiration!

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