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Pattern Review: Wiksten Haori

  Wiksten Haori Started November 2019Completed October 2020 Presenting the finished a few weeks ago Wiksten Haori Coat! A cult classic of all sewists, I originally thought Jenny was a Bay Area local and flocked to A Verb for Keeping Warm to purchase the physical pattern. Once it was in hand I realized this pattern was special. The way these are packaged and presented is like a lost art, revitalized again once in your hands. I am so happy I finished this coat. It only took me a year. I spent more time reading the instructions than sewing, but I generally do this to ensure less confusion on my end while sewing. I don't even recall the size I cut....

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Pattern Testing The Zero Waste Poncho

Welcome Fall! It took me almost one month to release this post. As someone with a lot of goals, I find it hard to quell my constant need to do all the things (queue frantic music). Recently, I decided to return to school to complete my certification in Apparel Design and Merchandising from 2009! It's been a while, and adjusting to full time school mid pandemic/civil rights movement/election year/new preteen schooling at home has been a challenge! My new practice is learning to break my cycle of burnout quickly by halting all gears and resetting. I have a tendency to hyperfocus and ignore basic necessities during the day. This year has been a practice to release those tendencies. My past four...

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Buying the Wrong Patterns & Planning for Success

I used to purchase so many patterns and not consider if it was something I will love and whether it will be a positive addition to my wardrobe. It can be challenging to surpass the excitement of possible patterns and wardrobe additions at the store and even in the excitement of social media. I believe the store and internet separates us from considering what we actually wear.  Recently, I have taken inventory of my closet. As I am a singer and had a lot of gigs pre-covid, most of my closet was dresses and extravagant clothing for live shows. I lacked basics like bibs for the garden, dresses for the market, and just my usual day to day clothing. I...

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Business Advice Mondays Part One: What Website Builder Should You Use For Your E-Commerce Site?

Today marks the start of a new 4 part series, with one tip available each first Monday of the month in the final quarter of the year. If you are starting a new venture, or want to learn about ways to grow your business hopefully, I can save you a bit of a headache by sharing what I have learned along the way. I have been contemplating the best way to provide some advice on the best e-commerce site to set up your business. As someone who has had over 10 businesses and currently runs 3, I know a thing or two about website builders. I have created this free resource for you to review your best (and possibly worst) options...

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